Silver skates for Pope Francis on the occasion of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Cari lettori del Cofanetto Magico,

Buon anno! Come augurio per questo nuovo anno che sarà l’anno della bontà e della misericordia, ripropongo ma…. in lingua inglese, l’articolo uscito il 1 dicembre, così anche gli amici dei paesi anglosassoni potranno partecipare alla nostra azione “Pattini d’argento per Papa Francesco”. In febbraio, marzo, riceverete notizie sulle vostre offerte direttamente arrivate nelle mani del nostro Santo Padre. Continuate quindi a inviarle e buona fortuna per quest’anno pieno di speranza!

Jubilee Year 2015-2016. The light of mercy shines on the soul of the good.
Last October, Pope Francis offered the world his apologies for all of the mistakes committed by the Church. So that a shadow would no longer hang over Her, and the light of the sun would shine on Her again.

Dear readers,

Happy New Year! I believe the best way to celebrate the arrival of the new year is to think about those who are poor, oppressed, hungry, alone or ill. Those who are suffering from the cold while we are warm and cosy in our homes and those children who do not have enough clothes to protect them from the cold of this harsh winter. It was the first lesson Jesus taught us, to welcome with open arms those who are suffering. Therefore I would like to propose to make a gift in the form of an offer to those who are in real need. I can assure you that your money will arrive directly at its destination.

Do you remember the article I wrote about Fra Fiorenzo Priuli at the hospital of Saint Jean de Dieu of Tanguieta, who worked tirelessly day and night to help the sick in those areas with a high mortality rate? Your offers were so generous! I remember my phone conversation with him in which Fra Fiorenzo told me with great emotion, the joy he felt at being able to buy with your money, new gauze, medicine and maybe even a tent in which he could immediately treat the Ebola patients who could not be admitted together with other patients.

Your donations have brought so much relief to a remote village in Transnistrie (Moldova) where children and the elderly were dying from hardship and cold. My husband’s aunt, Toos Linsen has made sure that, in this case as well, the money got to its destination. She has traveled there regularly to check on how the money was spent.

For the new year I am asking your collaboration for an initiative that I am sure will fill you with great enthusiasm. I propose to make an offer for the good works of Pope Francis. Last December I had asked my children, my husband and my friends to do this as a Christmas gift for me. You can count on the Pope for sure! Your donations will be in good hands and will be handed to the Pope by very reliable people at the beginning of February 2016.

I am referring to the Association Pro Petri Sede, that is very active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to support the charity projects of Pope Francis in the world. I have high esteem for this association and I know for sure that the money collected by them in the past as well, went directly to the then reigning Pope in support of his good works.

At the end of this editorial you can find my article reporting on the Association Pro Petri Sede and the magnificent Basilica that is located in Oudenbosch in the Netherlands. It was built in 1865 in “the image and likeness” of the St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome and it is said that a miracle might have taken place there.

If you haven’t yet read my articles regarding this subject, I would recommend reading my article about the Zoeaves. The Papal Zoeaves was a volunteer regiment of Catholics from France, the Netherlands and Belgium who went to Rome for the first time in 1867 to defend the Papal States. The association Pro Petri Sede found its origin here.

Let’s not forget that December 8th marked the beginning of the “extraodinary Jubilee”, The Jubilee of Mercy, which will be “celebrated” until November 20, 2016. What better time to have your offers delivered “in person” to Pope Francis? I know that you wonder and ask me, but how can we be sure that the Pope will receive our gifs in person? My answer to you is, you can be sure that the gifts that are entrusted to the association Pro Petri Sede will definitely come to Him. For this purpose I am in contact with a very special person, a man of great culture and humanity. I am talking about the Reverend Father Dirk Van Kerchove, Dean of the College Sint Catherina in Geraardsbergen, Belgium. Thanks to him there will be another suprise for you, one that you can’t even imagine!

What do you need to do? Send the amount you want to donate to this account number:

IBAN : BE74 4747 1136 5907
Giften voor de paus-Pro Petri Sede
Langeveld 14
3220 Holsbeek (België)

List as reason for the payment:

“Zilveren schaatsen voor paus Franciscus via journaliste M.C. Linsen-Giongo.”
(Silver skates for Pope Francis – by journalist M.C. Giongo)

You might wonder, how do the silver skates come into this? Well, do you remember the novel “The Silver Skates” by the American novelist Mary Mapes Dodge?

It is the story based on the kindness of the siblings Hansel and Gretel. A story about altruism, generosity, and the importance of family connections which are even more important during difficult times. The story takes place in the Netherlands in the late 19th century.
Hansel and Gretel are poor. Hansel made wooden skates for his little sister and himself, and these skates make them “fly” on the ice while the moon illuminated them with its silver rays. They hoped that they would win the “Silver Skates” competition on real skates with steel blades, just like the ones the other children had. Unfortunately, their father fell ill as a result of an accident at work. Therefore, the children decide to give up their dream and dedicate themselves to the care of their father. The little money they saved, they want to use for their father’s treatment. At the end of the story they are rewarded for their nobleness, the love they have for their father and their courage.

And for that reason, thinking of that “fable”, which I consider a beautiful lesson of life and love, I have decided to name this initiative that I want to support in favor of Pope Francis’ good works, “Silver skates.” Please take a look at the photo above, taken by my husband Hans Linsen of the shining skate. I would like to fill this skate with the names of all who have donated.

It is not my intention to know how much each of you donates, so please give what you can. But if you tell me your name after you have made your donation, then I will write your name on a small piece of paper that I will slip inside the skate that you see pictured above. You can communicate your name to me via il Cofanetto Magico or our Facebook page. And this skate will “fly” all the way to Pope Francis during the Jubilee Year of Mercy accompanied by the star dust of your generosity.

Many thanks in advance. I wish you all a peaceful 2016, full of mercy for you and your loved ones. In the certainty that the good you do, will return back to you doubled and tripled in the form of mutual love.

Maria Cristina Giongo
CHI SONO (WHO AM I (in Italian))

Translated from Italian by Isabella Connors – Renting

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