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Silver skates for Pope Francis on the occasion of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

sabato, gennaio 2nd, 2016

Cari lettori del Cofanetto Magico,

Buon anno! Come augurio per questo nuovo anno che sarà l’anno della bontà e della misericordia, ripropongo ma…. in lingua inglese, l’articolo uscito il 1 dicembre, così anche gli amici dei paesi anglosassoni potranno partecipare alla nostra azione “Pattini d’argento per Papa Francesco”. In febbraio, marzo, riceverete notizie sulle vostre offerte direttamente arrivate nelle mani del nostro Santo Padre. Continuate quindi a inviarle e buona fortuna per quest’anno pieno di speranza!

Jubilee Year 2015-2016. The light of mercy shines on the soul of the good.
Last October, Pope Francis offered the world his apologies for all of the mistakes committed by the Church. So that a shadow would no longer hang over Her, and the light of the sun would shine on Her again.

Dear readers,

Happy New Year! I believe the best way to celebrate the arrival of the new year is to think about those who are poor, oppressed, hungry, alone or ill. Those who are suffering from the cold while we are warm and cosy in our homes and those children who do not have enough clothes to protect them from the cold of this harsh winter. It was the first lesson Jesus taught us, to welcome with open arms those who are suffering. Therefore I would like to propose to make a gift in the form of an offer to those who are in real need. I can assure you that your money will arrive directly at its destination.